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Micro Needling at Flawless Glo is a must to prevent aging in 30-year-old's or as a repair treatment for those who want to really treat aging skin.   Roll back the years and don't forget the often neglected neck and decollete (chest) region which frequently needs rejuvenating.  Lines, wrinkles and sun damage are common in this region.  Book a face only,  neck and decollete only, or get a discount when booking both at the same treatment as a combination treatment.  Acne scars can almost disappear, depending on their depth.  Micro needling uses the skin’s own healing mechanisms, therefore results look very natural.  

The first thing you will notice after your series of treatments is the skin texture has improved.  Pore size diminishes and fine lines and wrinkles reduce.  The primary appeal to micro needling is its ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of the skin.  These two skin properties' are key to new, youthful-looking skin.  Micro needling is one of the most powerful procedures to stop and prevent aging skin in its tracks.  With its power to generate new skin cells and break up scar tissue from acne or injury, your skin is left looking more youthful than you would think possible with little downtime.

There is no pain because the skin is numbed. Hands down, this is simply the best and most effective treatment on the market today.  A series of treatments are required to achieve results.  The day of the procedure you look like you have a mild sunburn.  The next day this will disappear or fade.  You can apply SPF sunscreen and makeup.  After a few days of light flaking, your skin feels and looks normal.  It is necessary for you to perform appropriate home care to support and speed the skin’s healing properties.

Go ahead, get out and about!!  No one will know you are treating your skin.  You certainly can’t say that about laser treatments.  Because the skin has a memory, it wants to return to its previous state.  I recommend 3-5 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart, based on your age and condition of your skin.  Yearly treatment(s) help the skin continue to look its best through time.  You continuing the appropriate home care will help your skin to continue to improve.

Micro Needling Benefits:

  • Reduce pore size

  • Repair and reduce acne scars

  • Repair and reduce surgical scars (not keloid)

  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks

  • Improve skin texture

  • Reduce fine line and wrinkles

  • Alleviate fine lines around the lips and eyes

  • Repair sun and smoking damage


Before you book an appointment concerning scars or stretch marks, it is best if we talk.  Micro-blading can NOT BE PERFORMED ON ACTIVE ACNE.  There are many variables that affect this service.  Let's talk about your skin improvement today.  Contact me through the Contact Page or call 970.644.5800.

The cost of each service is found on the Book Appointment page.

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